Brian Ciach Fugue

To the best of my knowledge, this is a rather unusual microphone technique for piano. Two figure-8 ribbon mics are placed equidistant from the center of the piano – one facing down from above and the other facing across the strings from the side. Mics are panned hard left and right, and because the figure-8 patterns are picking up and rejecting in opposite planes from each other the result is a very spacious stereo image. The lid must be removed for this to work well. To hear another example of this technique, listen to Todd E. Hill on iTunes.

Behringer X32 Producer and Logic 9 – or more specifically OS X 10.6.8

The X-32 is a cool product in all it’s varieties. I use the X-32 Producer, and so far I’m blown away by the price to feature ratio. I did have a couple of minor issues, and I’ll answer them right here in case it benefits anyone out there.

First, the Producer shipped with out of date firmware. No problem. Just download the firmware update from Behringer’s website. Put it on a USB stick. Plug it into the USB slot at the top of the board and power the board up. The board is supposed to find the USB stick and automatically install the new firmware. It didn’t. I had to soft-boot the Producer (switch the sample rate back and forth from 44.1 and 48) in order to restart the console – AND hold the VIEW button for the USB slot while I did it. That did the trick. Firmware found and updated, and iPad remote control functionality restored!

More tricky is the fact that this update did not update the firmware for the X-USB card. If you plan on using the X-USB card with any Mac running 10.6.8 – you HAVE to install the update. Either update your OS or update the card.

I opted to update the card, but I couldn’t find any procedure for doing so. The USB slot on the console was not the way to do it. After a lot of useless web scouring I found a fellow on a few different forums who said you had to update from a laptop plugged into the X-USB expansion card. Sure enough, double-clicking on the firmware download file while plugged into the X-USB updated the firmware. Suddenly Logic 9 could see the interface and all my record enable buttons reappeared. These were the only two headaches I ran into.