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As an educational, not-for-profit entity that records only the extra-curricular opportunities we choose, it may be surprising to learn that we have had a hand in several notable recordings.

•    In 2019 Bonfire Music Group’s Jason Lee McKinney Band chose Murray State to record their new full-length project.

•    In 2015 “Why We Can Have Nice Things” – by the Murray State University Jazz Orchestra  (submitted by Mark Records for consideration in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album category for the 2016 Grammy Awards)

•    In 2014 “The Brown-Back Hymnal” – by Dr. Todd Hill

•    In 2014 the ICMA’s Album of the Year Winner: “Troubadours, Vagabonds, and Theives” – by the Jason Lee McKinney Band

•    In 2013 “The Beat Goes On” – by Dr. John Hill

•    In 2012 “Kala Dunn and the Todd Hill Quintet” – by Dr. Todd Hill

•    In 2010 a finalist for the ITEA’s Award for Recording Excellence: “Influences” – by Brandon Jones

•    In 2008 “Chansons de la Nuit” – by Dr. Amy Yeung